7 Trending Lip Colors & Techniques for Spring 2021

There’s a certain buzz in the air as the weather warms and the sun hangs around a bit longer. Spring excites us for the outdoor season ahead, and more importantly, gives us a chance to play around with our fashion and makeup! Seasonal trends give us an opportunity to experiment with new products and new techniques to refresh and add to our existing routines.

By the time Spring greets us, lip color trends are in full swing! We’re itching to shy away from dark matte browns and maroons, and we’re ready for a pout with brighter colors and silky glosses. With only a few lip products, you can entirely transform your look— from femme to edgy to minimalistic.

Take a look at some of the best trending lip colors and techniques for Spring 2021 and how they can make any look pop!

The 7 Best Lip Color Trends for the Spring Season

#1. Lip Tints & Stains

lip tints & stains

This South Korean beauty trend involves a minimalistic pout with diffused color. Lip tints and lip stains are meant to look soft and subdued, almost mimicking yet enhancing your natural lip color. The application couldn’t be easier—just dab a bit of color pigment onto the center of your lips, then smack them together as you would after applying a regular lipstick. You’ve got yourself a simple, soft Springtime look that is sure to last all day long through lunch and iced coffee sips! Browse our full line up of lip stain colors and options here.

#2. Orangey Peach Tinge

orangey peach tinge

The color orange is taking the beauty and fashion world by storm. It’s a bright, fun color that offers versatility with its many hues, specifically peach, grapefruit, and tangerine. An orange tinge is the perfect Springtime lip— working well on all skin tones to create a refreshing pop of color without being too loud and overwhelming.

#3. Natural Browns

natural browns

There’s no going wrong with a natural lip color, especially a warm brown. If you’re aiming for a minimalistic makeup look for the warmer weather, a beautiful, subtle lip shade is the way to go. Natural browns look incredibly stunning on all skin tones. Think beige, espresso, and chocolate shades.

#4. Dark Liner

dark liner

If you have a go-to lipstick color, specifically something mauve or nude, try using a darker lip liner to add dimension to your pout! Don’t be afraid to play around with contrast this springtime and try out this lip technique. Subtly overline your lips with a natural, brown shade or something a tad bit darker than the lip product you plan to use. Then, go in with your favorite cream lipstick or tinted gloss, making sure to create a soft blend between the darker lip liner and your other lip product. The result? A stunning, full pout!

#5. Butter Gloss

butter gloss

Gloss continues to thrive in the beauty industry for the feminine shine it creates, and butter gloss is its cooler, older sister. Butter gloss is another lip color trend that adds a cute touch to any makeup look with its luxurious appeal. A swipe of butter gloss not only adds a gorgeous shine, but it coats the lips with a subtle hint of color— not as full-coverage as a matte or cream color, but not as colorless as a clear gloss. As the temperatures rise, the less likely you’ll want to wear numerous products on your face, and butter gloss is a go-to option for creating your desired look with fewer products!

#6. Colorless Lip Gloss

colorless lip gloss

Keeping on trend with the effortless glam you’ll want to achieve in the warmer months, colorless gloss is a must-have product to add to your beauty routine this Spring. Colorless lip gloss gives your pout a beautiful, glassy shine with minimal effort. Layer it on top of your favorite lipstick or stain, or rock it au naturel. One swipe, and your good to go!

#7. Berry Hues

berry hues

After being cooped up inside for the last few months, you’re ready to hit the town with a bright lip and refreshed spirit! Berry hues are gorgeous for Spring with their bold presence and pretty aesthetic. Think flowery pinks, bright magentas, and complex reds. This berry hue lip trend works well as a full coverage, all-over color, or diffused from the center of the lip outwards to create a pretty, muted look. Dress it up or play it down depending on your outfit and desired appearance. The Flourish Lip Stain in Orchid and Freesia are perfectly suited for this trend!

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